Brexit Stage Left Even - 52 week highs #ASX

With the big news out Friday morning of the UK voting to leave the EU I thought I would just post a quick blog regarding watching for stocks showing strength and potential signs of strength when the markets are going through uncertain periods.

It was during May 2015 after the Aussie markets index made a high and began selling off that I was looking at companies showing strength against the overall market sell off.

One company which was doing so and was making repeated 52 week highs while the $XJO went from around 6000 back to 5000 was Bellamy's (ASX:BAL)

At the time I noticed it I tweeted about it :

Following this sign of strength $BAL went from the $4.50 mark in June 2015 to hit a high of $16.50 in December 2015.

Now this could be a complete outlier but I thought I would just post this blog to keep watch of stocks performing strongly over the next few weeks and then look back to see how they perform relative to the overall market gyrations.

Now there are many ways to approach investing - some look to buy low and sell high (sounds easy hey), some look to buy high and sell higher by this finding stocks with momentum and buying interest and riding the trends. I find 52 week highs and 52 week lows a good filter to keep an eye on what's moving, what sectors may be getting money flow etc

See below a snapshot of companies that made 52 week highs on Brexit Friday :

Will leave it up to you to see if you find any potential future gems.

Feel free to post in the comment section below any companies you are looking at.