Admedus Limited (AHZ:ASX)- Charts 2011 - 2015

A fellow investor I know has been a holder of AHZ for several years. Over the years we have had a few brief conversations about the company. My view has always been that the Cardiocel product and the ADAPT technology has great potential but other parts of their business didn't meet my criteria. He had very good timing in entering the company around the 2-3 cent mark I think it was. Because the company has high cash burn there has been a high number of shares issued throughout the period - Why I posted the comparison is that the Market Capitalisation of the company has had CAGR of 50.86% over the last nearly 4 years - very impressive. The share price itself on price alone is only up 16.5% CAGR over the last 4 years - Still better than a term deposit but with the obvious increased risks this is a lot less than the market cap growth profile. As revenues increase and the business potentially transforms to a scalable and profitable company it would be nice to see share price trend growth similar to the Shares On Issue chart. 

As we know all companies prior to becoming profitable have to of course raise capital to survive and develop and market their products through to and after commercialisation. 

I just put this together below to show some comparisons of Market Cap growth (Shares on Issue x Share price) vs Share Price Growth vs Shares on issue (Fully paid ordinary shares)

Disclosure : The author does not hold shares in the above company.