Welcome to the Vision Blog

I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting my site.

The idea of doing this has been building over the past year or two after beginning interacting and sharing research on share forums and social media of my current research on companies that I was interested in, trading ideas and daily thoughts.

My research will be all kept under the RESEARCH tab and the VISION BLOG will be all about sharing views on a variety of subjects but mostly relating to investing and trading in the share market as well as some investing psychology as I use this site to network and build relationships and also as a personal journal of my own journey and performance.

Since 2010 I have immersed myself into the financial markets and constant personal education and development on a full-time basis.

Thanks for reading

Please feel free to comment and interact with your own views along the way!

It would be great to hear your stories of what you are up to and how long you have been doing it, successes failures etc?


Thank you 

Matt Sanderson