Anteo Diagnostics : BRR Media Update - The $ADO Rollercoaster!

A couple of weeks back I spent a great day with my family at a theme park - Lots of rides and good times. I am someone who doesn't mind an adrenaline rush and while looking around realised that the best rides either went really fast or if they went a long way up they also went a long way back down - Probably a lesson to be had here on the laws of the universe but will leave that for another day.

Anyway for longer term shareholders for Anteo it has certainly been a roller coaster ride over the past 5-6 years - A lot remember the day the share price went from .005 cents (Thats half a cent - not 5 cents ) to 10 cents in a couple of days and more recently late 2013 the share price rose from around 7 cents to 28 cents over a period of around 6 months - And then has been a long downhill slide back to 8 cents.

Ultimately this is the nature of being involved with a company as a shareholder that has immense potential and on the cusp of commercialisation with many companies in different fields. While there will always be those that buy at higher share prices in any company I feel it is important to always have your own individual investment strategy and be clear about what you are buying, why you are buying it and have a list of written down "What if" scenarios that could play out during your investment time frame. 

That's enough rambling, my point for this blog post is to give a little summary of yesterday's Boardroom Radio interview presented by Anteo CEO Dr Geoff Cumming.

I will summarise the points and quotes from the interview below and then finish with my thoughts.

If you wish to listen to full interview : Click Here

  • Testing in Japan with AMG Kit. Showed separation under magnetic field using AMG Kit to be 10 TIMES FASTER in a comparative study - These products are now listed for commercial sale and distributed throughout Japan by VERITAS JAPAN
  • Regarding LUMINEX CORPORATION - Specific Luminex Multiplex activation Kits are for sale tailored at improving the usability and capabilities whilst using the Luminex Microspheres. 
  • Luminex has also endorsed Anteo's technology : LINK TO ARTICLE
  • 200nm Kits released for development of LATERAL FLOW POC tests 
  • Current strategy is "ENTERING DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS IN KEY GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS" which will speed up uptake of AMG PRODUCTS by HIGH VOLUME USERS and Life Science companies.
  • Announced VERITAS as exclusive distributor for Japan (Veritas also major distributor for LIFE TECHNOLOGIES)
  • "In Addition expect to FINALISE ARRANGEMENTS for the IMPORTANT US MARKET" - Quote regarding US DISTRIBUTION partner
  • POC1 Update - Extended activity with a PAID, MILESTONE based COMMERCIALISATION OPPORTUNITY and currently project is AHEAD OF SCHEDULE
  • IMRA & Cook Medical SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED first phases of each of their respective projects
  • Number of other projects with other companies are moving from phase to phase towards commercialisation
  • There are Multiple Uses for the Anteo technology
  1. ANTEO ENERGY -  Patents filed and data being generated following $1m raising to dedicate to new equipment and staffing to prove up battery asset and business model.
  2. MEDICAL DEVICE - A "SIGNIFICANT COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY" - currently progressing on a PAID partnership with COOK MEDICAL - First step into INVIVO (Inside the body) also conducting work with the University of Queensland in INVIVO studies
  3. BIOSEPARATIONS - Initially filed 2 patents dedicated to progressing the Bioseparations sector following the $5.5m raised in December 2013 - A number of customers have undertaken successful studies. 
  • Currently working with a MAJOR REFERENCE LABORATORY
  • One objective for the remainder of 2015 and that is for Anteo to be "Recognised for their COMMERCIAL capability" 
  • Anticipate achieving this "Through furthering the projects with our current partners successfully" and by "Having concrete partnerships in place with REVENUE more visible" and also "Improving revenue outcomes"



Basically was a good summary of where Anteo is with projects to date and I did notice how many times COMMERCIALISATION was mentioned - May be hard for some long term or some under water shareholders to see but to look at it with fresh eyes IMO Anteo are now in the delivery zone for their commercialisation strategy. 

  • The discussion around POC1 is very positive in that they are ahead of schedule in their "Milestone based" project which to me means Anteo are achieving ahead of time the technical requirements for a successful project completion.
  • LUMINEX - I feel this has gone VERY UNDER THE RADAR from the market - Here is a company that supplies their Luminex particles to some of the biggest players globally - And they have endorsed Anteo's technology that makes their products work even easier - This will pay off IMO
  • COOK MEDICAL - Has successfully completed the "First Phase" of the project - This partnership could have some "X Factor" for Anteo over the rest of 2015 and into 2016 - Reason being they are unique in that they are a VERY LARGE PRIVATE COMPANY - In other words if they like what they see and the results they get - Things happen fast - WAY LESS RED TAPE
  • IMRA  - Has also completed the first phase of their project 
  • Towards the very end of the interview was what I considered to be some of the best information - One thing as a long term shareholder I like about Anteo is that they have stuck to their guns with the Core focus on getting their technology into Life Science and IVD markets - This of course has seen many delays which have been totally out of the hands of all at Anteo - What I like is that when they raised funds in late 2013 it had a specific purpose and that was to fast track the BIOSEPARATIONS commercial prospects from 7 YEARS down to 3 YEARS. 

I wrote about the GLOBAL LIFE SCIENCE COMPANY earlier this year :

February 21, 2015

Anteo Diagnostics & "Global Life Science company"


Particularly this quote below shows how the project has been developing behind the scenes :

"Global Life Science Company - has been assessing Mix&Go for a variety of applications over several years. Their technical appraisal has now been satisfactorily completed and it was broader than we initially anticipated. They were impressed with the outcomes to the extent that they have indicated a desire to utilize Mix&Go as a “platform technology” for incorporation into a number of their proprietary products. Further, a welcome additional outcome is they want to include Anteo’s AMG Mix&Go products into their highly respected catalogue"

Now - There has been so much focus on POC1 and they are no doubt important but I very rarely see or hear much discussion on the GLOBAL LIFE SCIENCE COMPANY - In the BRR interview it mentions Distribution for the important US MARKET and we know that was talk of the US GLOBAL LIFE SCIENCE company WANTING to include AMG products into their "HIGHLY RESPECTED CATALOGUE" - If this player is a MAJOR in the Life Science and BIOSEPARATIONS field this will be a catalyst to re rate the share price IMO

So to finish a lot of activity going on and the key message is to see delivery of commercial contracts over the next 6 months to leave no doubt as to the capability and validity of the AMG technology and to establish Anteo as a serious player globally in the technology fields with their enabling technology.

Back to that rollercoaster - It went up came down...

And then?