Anteo Technologies (ASX:ADO) - Charging up for growth

Anteo Technologies has today announced the registration of new subsidiary company ANTEO ENERGY PTY LTD  as well as the news of new patent being lodged in the "new battery technologies" sector. 

For the past 12 months Anteo engaged Dr Quansheng Song, an electrochemical scientist. Dr Song has 15 years’ experience in the electrochemical field, with particular expertise in developing nanomaterials, porous film electrodes and advanced devices for energy storage and conversion applications.

This move for me confirms the broad use of Anteo's patented nanotechnology which allows the coating technology (like a glue) to be applied as thin as 1-2 nanometres thin. The move outside of their core business of life sciences and IVD signals a maturing of their business cycle and in my opinion a confidence of where they are in their initial business plan. Talking below about "able to make the next step" is significant as in previous news Anteo has said focus would be on their key projects and customers and once confidence of future success was clearer they would move into broader fields.

Quote below from today's news : 


"Dr Geoff Cumming, CEO, Anteo Technologies said: “We now find ourselves in the position that we are able to take the next step in our long-term diversification strategy. For the past year, Anteo’s scientific team has devoted some of its energies to a research project, led by a highly regarded scientific expert in new batteries technologies, Dr Quansheng Song,”


Now for some discussion and no doubt a little speculation on the potential of today's announcement into "New battery technologies"

Ask yourself this question - Do you own a laptop, mobile phone, ipad/tablet?

Of course you will have answered yes and the battery that powers these is a LITHIUM ION battery.

A fellow Anteo shareholder posted his thoughts today :

One question following this announcement is; how could M&G technology applicable?
There may well be several areas, but one that relates specifically to developments in lithium ion batteries electrodes, is the issue of pulverization of the anode in the area silicone battery technology.

This new technology, which uses a silicone anode instead of the conventional graphite anode, has the advantage of being able to "theoretically" store 10 times as much energy as current technologies. This is because in current batteries with a carbon anode, it requires 6 carbon atoms to bind a single lithium ion, compared to the new silicone anode batteries where you can bind 4 lithium ions to a single silicone atom.

This massive increase in density causes a few problems though; cramming in so may more lithium ions causes the silicone anode to expand... A LOT, and this limits how much energy you can realistically store in the battery without it bursting out of the battery case. It also limits how many charges you get out of the battery, as the continual expanding and contacting of the silicone anode with each charge/discharge cycle, basically cause the anode to disintegrate.

So back to Mix&Go...what if the silicone particles of the anode were held together by a form of nano-velcro, so that when the silicone anode contracted after releasing all it's lithium ions, the velcro effect of multiple metal ion bonds stuck the silicone back together again? Does this sound plausible as something Mix&Go could do?

Here are a couple of interesting links. There is a huge amount of R&D money being thrown around to drive battery development, hopefully we see some come ADO direction.
Funding: DOE Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences, Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) Program; General Motor Inc. (characterization); IMRA Inc. America (characterization)

A thankyou to MJC for your research above 

If you start to look at the research being done in this area it is quite mind blowing - 

I could list a ton of links to stories  - Perhaps just start by researching TESLA and their ENERGY STORAGE plans for cars and homes

To finish one thing which raised an eyebrow from today's announcement was the following :

Until today all patents for Anteo Diagnostics are held under ANTEO TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD but today's news of the new company ANTEO ENERGY PTY LTD has the newly lodged battery patent held 100% by the new subsidiary company.

Why is this important?

I think it gives a good indication into potential future direction and strategy for extracting value from this new patent.

I am thinking this looks like it is being set up for a Joint Venture with an industry player and the potential would also be there for an IPO of a new company if needed as the patents are all included in the new company. A company could potentially already have sales where Anteo's technology could be added to to improve the product costs, performance etc and the big difference between this and the medical industry with Anteo's other main projects are that the regulatory barriers are less and in my opinion this sector could end up being larger than the whole healthcare part of the business.

As far as the current market price for Anteo shares today are up 5% trading at 9.1 cents (market cap $75m AUD ) but the market is very much still asleep - Question is for how much longer?