Anteo Energy - Patent application - Lithium ion Batteries

Just a quick follow up post to my last blog on today's announcement

See a recent patent application called "BATTERY ELECTRODE MATERIALS "

One of the inventors listed on the patent is Dr Quansheng Song

Dr Quansheng Song - was also revealed today as the highly regarded scientific expert in new batteries technologies who has been working with Anteo Technologies for the past 12 months.

The company listed as the applicant is Nano Nouvelle Pty Ltd

Interesting they pop up as I had come across them in previous research of nanotechnology

See video below (Interesting to note panel member Dorin Ben-Meir from Commercialisation Australia who I believe worked on Anteo's Commercialisation Australia grant back a couple of years ago)


Also see below pic taken from video below showing where Anteo technology could help attach these nanowires into 3D from 2D in my opinion