Anteo Diagnostics & "Global Life Science company"

I have been thinking more about the opportunity that potentially exists for Anteo Diagnostics with gold nanoparticles.


As we know BBI Solutions are a big player and this is also a very competitive space and only getting more so.


Looking at the timing of the IMRA partnership to work on Gold nanoparticles it made me wonder if perhaps there was a time exclusivity period of say 12 months from the heads of term agreement in Nov 2013 with BBI that excluded other companies working commercially with Anteo on gold nanoparticles?


The results and work Anteo are doing with Gold nanoparticles are real, proven and has significant commercial value to many companies.


I started to look more into the potential "Global Life Science company" as there has been some links that possibly one of the largest life science companies globally Sigma Aldrich may be the life science company?


Looking at their website it is clear they are also involved in this area and with their massive customer base I am sure it is also quite a solid part of their business


Some of the wording in the recent quarterly made me think that perhaps these new product uses are like opening a massive opportunity?


From the Quarterly 30th January 2015 :


"Global Life Science Company - has been assessing Mix&Go for a variety of applications over several years. Their technical appraisal has now been satisfactorily completed and it was broader than we initially anticipated. They were impressed with the outcomes to the extent that they have indicated a desire to utilize Mix&Go as a “platform technology” for incorporation into a number of their proprietary products. Further, a welcome additional outcome is they want to include Anteo’s AMG Mix&Go products into their highly respected catalogue"

See below an older Anteo presentation that clearly outlines the superior performance of different products eg. Gold Nanoparticles and Microtitre plates by utilising Anteo's patented platform technology to achieve higher levels of sensitivity and very significant cost savings in the example of micro plates displayed on "slide 8"

The communication in Anteo's quarterly report on 30th January 2015 to me gives a solid indication that a partnership including product launches is edging close with potentially one of the largest global life science companies. This would see Anteo's products sold and distributed on a global level to some of the largest IVD and Life Science companies in the industry.

This investment for me personally is one where I know the technology is validated you just have to be comfortable backing your investment and the timeframe you set for yourself to let the commercial signings come. Many no doubt will have a different strategy which may involve buying in after the first large commercial signing. With so many big companies circling it will certainly be interesting to watch once the gates finally open.