Nanoparticle Applications - The Blue sky opportunity for Anteo

Anteo Diagnostics are a very unique company. 

While the initial focus is to capitalize on the Diagnostics, Life science research (LSR) and Point of Care (POC) market as an investor I think it is important to take yourself into the future and try and predict and yes speculate on what the future company may look like

- What are the markets it operates in?

- How large are they?

- Are there any competitors?

To get a better understanding of what the future looks like I think you need to look at the puzzle pieces now and get an understanding of the company, the strategy and the opportunity.

Anteo is a lot more than just a Biotech in my opinion and the reason for this is all to do with its granted patents of their intellectual property which simply is a method of coating surfaces that are hard to bind and binding actions that can take place at a level so small that no other company globally can compete.

Think of Anteo as a "Surface Coating" company

To get an understanding of how unique Anteo's patented technology is you need to develop a basic understanding of Nanotechnology.

1 Nanometre (nm) is 1 billionth of a metre - 1 inch equals 25 million nanometres!

Anteo can coat surfaces with a 1nm to 2nm coating on surfaces as small as 40nm (eg. Gold colloids)

There is NO company globally that can do this and Anteo's patents are a large part of the value of what they have add to this the intellectual know how of the 25 odd scientists and you have a very valuable and in the bigger scheme of thing relatively unknown company.

Another totally unique property of what Anteo can do is that the molecular binding actions they can create at this nano scale can be done in water - This is a very important process to consider as it opens many opportunities as again no one else can create these binding actions in water.

I believe this company will be majorly successful over the longer term - The immediate focus is on creating a cash flow positive company and then investigating the nearly unlimited amount of other opportunities - Obviously this will take strategy and focus to identify the largest markets with the easiest and quickest path to market. The beauty of this is Anteo don't need to do this all on their own in my opinion they could partner with different companies in different sectors or licence the technology for the surface coating technology and receive royalties on that companies sales.

To get the brain ticking as to how big this opportunity could be over the longer term look at the picture below depicting some of the markets of opportunities within the nanotechnology field. Keep in mind that no there is no other company that can coat surfaces and work at such a small scale and using an aqueous solution like Anteo can and have the patents in place and granted globally to protect this.

The small box I have highlighted in yellow "Biomarkers" is Anteo's current focus - When you look at the "big picture" it is hard not to be excited by the future potential of this company.

This is the link from the below picture :

Disclosure : The author holds shares in this company. This research is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in this company. The author may at any time buy or sell shares without notice. Please do your own research