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Watching developments with Alere Triage platform

As you will know from my previous posts Anteo Diagnostics signed a Heads of Terms agreement in November 2013 with BBI Solutions part of the Alere group. BBI Solutions provides Alere with the market leading Gold Nanoparticles used in Alere's market leading lateral flow tests. Alere has in excess of $2b pa in lateral flow sales and around a 40% global share of this market.

Alere Triage is one of the platforms I have been taking a look at and in my opinion this will benefit from Mixngo (Anteo Diagnostic's Molecular GLUE) to provide cheaper,faster assays and also increase the shelf life of the product. This new "Next Generation" platform has been stated as being ready for sales in mid 2014. 

See below video on Alere Triage :

The lateral flow test that most non scientific of us would be aware of is the "Home Pregnancy test" see below a diagram of the internal workings of the lateral flow assay as well as below another video I have posted previously from BBI Solutions on the lateral flow test

Lateral Flow diagram.png


Look to LinkedIn for hints on company developments

I have found LinkedIn a very handy tool in keeping an eye on company directors and what potential companies they may be dealing with. I also find it very useful when companies are posting new job positions, this can be a great lead indicator for future growth prospects for a company well before they are reported in company reports. When you research deeper you can sometimes get snippets of information on what the new role may involve, what area of interest etc

See below recently listed job by ALERE on 31st December 2013 :


job 1.png
job 2.png

My deconstruction from this :

I am of the personal opinion that we will hear about the "Commercially binding" agreement much sooner than mid year. If product launch is due mid year than I would expect some action around February/March - This deal we know will provide in excess of $10m in royalties pa to Anteo.

Alere Triage was recalled in July 2012 for defective tests that diagnose heart failure - This is where Anteo and Mixngo will help. See below recall letter from 2012

alere recall.png

Not bad that a little Aussie Biotech company potentially has the magic glue to resolve a broad array of issues in the biotech industry and beyond.


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