Another global signing on the way for (ASX:ADO) Anteo Diagnostics?

Look deeper - Above the water is just the tip of the iceberg!


When I am researching companies I always find that by doing that bit more research that others may not do you can find some very good pieces of information. Typically companies trading under the $200m MCAP on the ASX get a lot less attention so it is a case of spending the time yourself digging for answers which can be quite rewarding.

What do I mean?

Well lets look below at a recent Anteo Diagnostics Quarterly Report :

The main part of this quarterly I want to focus on in this post is this quote :

"Commenced dialogue with a significant corporation that develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the clinical diagnostic and life science industries. They have reported that their “initial results are very promising”.

Ok so what am I talking about you are thinking?

Lets focus on :

1. The words "SIGNIFICANT CORPORATION" has been used

2. The description of the company is - "develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the clinical diagnostic and life science industries

So lets look at some research I found that fits nicely with both points but especially number 2. - See below photo of Luminex twitter profile photo


Looks like a nice coincidence to me.

So this is a very strong indication to me that Anteo are indeed working with Luminex and are very close to signing.

Also a tweet on twitter recently from Anteo's twitter account @AnteoDx was :

anteo tweet.png

The above tweet went to this link :

Now if you google the above title from the Anteo tweet you will find this story below :


Another coincidence?


What would a Luminex signing mean?

One thing I have learnt over the years is that the Biotechnology and life science industry is an extremely intertwined tangled web. Many companies work with or have connections to other companies, products etc

Anteo already has a deal with Affymetrix/Ebioscience.

Affymetrix uses Luminex beads in their products.

From what I can understand Luminex is quite significant and supplies to many other "bigger fish"

Luminex is listed on the NASDAQ under ticker code : (LMNX)

A large amount of Luminex's $200m in revenues comes from their xMAP technology - This is where I believe Mixngo can be used to create a superior product that will attract great attention and provide substantial royalties to Anteo if the deal were to go ahead.

Just to speculate - On royalties on $100m of sales at 5% that would bring in $5m in royalties to ADO and add value of $100m to the market cap or around 10-15 cents per share on a PE of 20-25.

As always I write these posts for myself to encourage my own research but also for readers to provide them with more angles to do more of their own research.

Thoughts or comments?

Disclosure : The author holds shares in this company. This research is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in this company. The author may at any time buy or sell shares without notice. Please do your own research