Anteo partner Ellume - Clinical trial Ellume.Lab Rapid Test - Streptococcus A

On the 28th October 2016 Anteo entered a 5 year supply agreement with Ellume.

"The undisclosed commercial arrangement shall see Ellume utilise Anteo’s proprietary technology across its suite of pipeline products. The first to be launched influenza product will be released to the professional market in 2017. Other pipeline products include Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Group A Streptococcus and Chlamydia."

This announcement was further validation of the commercial opportunity Anteo's Mixngo platform can provide shortened time to market for assay development. There was one case study mentioned in an ASX release which may have been Ellume where Anteo had achieved in a few weeks what another global assay developer had been unable to achieve in two years. This in my opinion is where commercial value can be unlocked for Anteo by reducing time to market for these and other tests. The shorter development times save costs and getting a product to market brings revenues closer.

The reason for this short post is to highlight that progress is being made with Anteo partners.

This is the current clinical trial I came across :

Click to go to ELLUME Clinical Trial

Without trying to estimate future success and revenues but to think about the number of other companies trying with assay development and failing and paying high amounts of development fees with no reward.

So for me this shows recognition of the commercial value of Anteos technology as a partner in assay development.

It is developments like the Ellume, Atomo and Planet Innovation (NPLEX) that show Anteo does have commercial value but the focus has been growth of the Diasource business and shareholder communication has been limited.

Disclosure : I am currently restricted to buying and selling shares in Anteo due to being involved in a loan agreement to the company. The above post is to highlight current relevant information that I found through web search. This post is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in the above mentioned company.